Sociedad Colombiana de la Ciencia del Suelo

Welcome to the SCCS website

The SCCS aims to promote cooperation for the study
and management of soils in Colombia.

Mission: The Colombian Society of Soil Science is committed to the advancement of scientific research and its dissemination in association with universities, entities and companies, in an interdisciplinary manner, contributing to the proper use and conservation of the soil, for the benefit of society.

Vision: The Colombian Society of Soil Science will lead, promote and promote the technical, academic and scientific processes related to the sustainable use and management of soil resources, so that it is recognized as a leader or benchmark in this field.

The SCCS aims to promote cooperation for the study and management of soils in Colombia.

Within this general framework, the following specific objectives stand out:

1. Promote the development of soil science and its applications in all its aspects, through the organization of the Colombian Congress of Soil Science and other national and global events.

2. Promote the scientific and technical improvement of scientists and professionals dedicated to soil studies and research.

3. Establish coordination and strengthen relations between the members of the SCCS and between them and those of similar institutions in other countries.

4. Promote awareness and understanding of the importance of natural resources and particularly, what soils represent for Colombian society.

5. Disseminate by all means the knowledge of the country’s soils among the Colombian population and tend to create a conservationist attitude in the use of soils.

6. Orient people and entities about the importance and scope of soil studies in regional development programs.

7. Promote the improvement of the professional level, particularly in the field of Soil Science and its applications, of agronomists and other professionals dedicated to agricultural, forestry and environmental activities.

8. Cooperate with national universities in the preparation and execution of teaching, research, thesis and degree work programs.

9. Establish and operate a documentation center in which all soil studies and other related resources must be stored.


We are a consolidated team of people who seek the common good,
and that knowledge reaches more people, about the importance of soils.

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